Anacostia BID seeks Executive Director


The Anacostia BID Board of Directors is looking to hire a full-time executive director to perform the day-to-day responsibilities as outlined below. The executive director reports to the chair of the BID board of directors regarding management of the BID.

The executive director oversees the mission of the BID and is responsible for the implementation of all organizational policies, procedures and objectives and assignments as determined by the board of directors.

The chairman determines the scope of work in carrying out the assignments of the board of directors in consultation with the executive director.

These include:



  • Operate the BID recommending innovative low-cost sustainable programs and consultants to reduce costs. Help develop strategies for government, foundation, private and individual funding as a 501(c) (3).


  • Prepare, submit, and administer the BID’s budget to the executive and committees for review and advice. The board of directors adopts an annual budget.
  • Ensure compliance with bylaws and BID statute, including reporting and annual meeting requirements.
  • Administer hiring, firing and training of staff and independent contractors as approved by the board.
  • Coordinate with bookkeeper on budget matters and invoicing and receipts.
  • Review governmental legislation and proposed legislative and policy initiatives to determine effect on the BID
  • Study ways to expand the BID’s boundaries and/or membership


  • Coordinate collection of BID taxes with consultant and the District government.

Programming (As outlined in the Budget)

Cleanliness and landscaping Programs

  • Oversee contracting service that provides supplemental cleaning, landscaping and maintenance services.
  • Spot-check contractor performance and quantify results.


  • Work with neighborhood and citywide partners to monitor and upgrade all neighborhood infrastructure, including heritage trail signs, wayfinding signs, parking meters, tree boxes, bicycle racks, public space lighting, and other public space furniture

Safety Programs

  • Hire, train, and supervise BID Security Aides as approved by the board.
  • Provide ongoing oversight of Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) Reimbursable Detail Officer (RDO) program, if any.
  • Meet on an ongoing basis with MPD leadership to improve service area security.
  • Monitor and quantify Security Aide and RDO results
  • Implement sensitive outreach services to neighborhood’s homeless population.


  • Represent the BID or refer to BID Chairman at speaking engagements and radio, television, and newspaper interviews when appropriate
  • Aggressively court positive media attention for the neighborhood and the BID
  • Oversee programs encouraging economic growth through image enhancement campaigns and special events


  • Provide ongoing outreach to citywide organizations such as the Washington Convention and Tourism Corporation, Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington, etc., to ensure Anacostia remains a priority to these groups..
  • Provide ongoing coordination with neighborhood groups involved in commercial revitalization of the Anacostia area
  • Provide ongoing oversight of memoranda of understanding with government agencies and neighborhood groups regarding cleanliness, safety, and marketing programs.


  • Be involved with transit, parking, and similar programs to facilitate and promote easy access to Anacostia

Applicants should submit a cover letter with resume to