2018 East River JazzFest Events At The Anacostia Playhouse


One of the most active partners of the DC Jazz Festival, East River JazzFest, founded by Vernard Gray will be playing at Anacostia Playhouse this June! The theme is “Washington jazz artists: Comin’ home, baby!” But it’s all about Washington homeboys, and ladies. As Vernard Gray had said, “This particular series is about celebrating D.C., people who grew up in D.C. And it’s making the point that D.C. is a major jazz community, going back to Duke Ellington and even before: [pioneering 1920s bandleader] Fletcher Henderson and those people all did things here in D.C. and they were internationally renowned as well. Same with Marc, Kush, and Corcoran: They spent the last month performing in France with different ensembles. There’s clearly something in the water in D.C.!

Come join us for 2 nights of celebration with East River JazzFest!

June 12th, 2018 @ 7:30 PM

Anacostia Playhouse
2020 Shannon Place SE

Admission: $20/advance

Ron Sutton…..New Music
Ron Sutton Quartet

·        Ron Sutton, Jr., tenor saxophone

·        Alan Jay Palmer, piano

·        Vaughn Bratcher, bass

·        Aaron Walker, drums

This performance will explore new compositions by saxophonist Ron Sutton, Jr.


June 13th, 2018 @ 7:30 PM
Anacostia Playhouse
2020 Shannon Place SE

Admission: $20/advance

Music from liberation struggles: USA, South Africa, Palestine

Liberation Project

·        Harry Appelman, piano

·        Todd Marcus, bass clarinet

·        Jeff Reed, bass

·        Eric Kennedy, drums

The quartet will play jazz interpretations of music associated with several struggles of liberation:

1.    USA civil rights struggle

2.    South Africa anti-apartheid movement

The ongoing struggle of the Palestinian people for freedom and human rights.