July 8 - 12 | Anacostia Playhouse Summer Vacation Theater Camp


Anacostia Playhouse is pleased to announce its Summer Theater Camp, running July 8 – 12 for children ages 7-14. Children will take camp classes from 10 AM – 4 PM each day, and will take classes that may include acting, playwriting, clowning, improvisation, music, movement and stage combat, and poetry. Descriptions of some of the classes offered in the program are below. Camp will culminate in a final presentation the afternoon of July 11.

The full list of classes offered in the camp is to be determined, but may include:


Students will learn the technique of acting, including creating a character, working together as an ensemble, and working on a stage. This section will culminate in a short acting exercise for the final presentation.


Students will learn how to create different characters’ bodies on stage, and how to incorporate physicality into their acting. They will also learn the basic of stage combat, and how to do so safely on stage.

Music and Voice

Students will learn how to create a clear, open sound through both their singing and speaking voice. They will learn about melody, intonation, and breath support, as well as using different voices for different characters. This section will culminate in a final musical performance by the students.


Students will learn how to create a story for the stage. They will learn how to create a beginning, middle, and end, and how to write characters. Students will write their own short plays. Sections of students’ work will be read at the final presentation by the students themselves.


Say Yes to improv! Students will learn the fundamental rules of improvisation and practice how to react in the moment and truthfully when there is no script to work from.


Learning from a professional clown, students will learn all the fundamentals of clowning. They will learn body language, tricks, and special clowning secrets!


Students will learn about the basic rhythm of poetry, and how to use it as an expressive form of communication. Under the auspices of Poet Life, students learn to use words that encourage social and emotional discoveries in literacy, specifically speaking, reading and writing — poetry!

The cost of the camp is $125. Scholarships are available.

Camp is held at the Anacostia Playhouse, 2020 Shannon Place, SE, Washington, DC 20020.

Telephone 202-290-2328 | www.anacostiaplayhouse.org

Email Adele Robey at arobey@fusemail.com

Summer Theatre Camp

Anacostia Playhouse's Summer Theater Camp runs July 8-12, open to children ages 8-14.