Sept 30 - Oct 3 | CC Prep Orientation for free GED + Microsoft Office Specialist Programs

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Students enrolled in our GED classes enjoy a relaxed setting and specialized instruction tailored for each individual. Instruction features a blended learning model that incorporates both technology and direct instruction in student learning. Following this model, you will be assigned to both a lab coach and a workshop instructor. Your workshop instructor will use your GED prescription to provide specialized, tiered instruction on the core concepts necessary to complete the GED tests while your lab coach will work on test prep and sharpening the skills introduced in workshop.

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Students enrolled in Microsoft Office Specialist have an interest in increasing their knowledge of the Microsoft programs in preparation for careers in the administrative field and the workforce in general. CC Prep features a flexible schedule designed to help fit the demands of the busy adult student. Once a student completes orientation, he or she can choose a schedule that works for their lifestyle and complete any certification offered during that class time. Students continue the series until they have completed the entire MOS suite.