Oct 6 | Write your book one-day master class @ MahoganyBooks

WYB_Masterclass (1).jpg

Have you been promising yourself forever to finally write that book?

Do you want to write your book, but aren’t sure where to start?

Are you ready to publish your book, but not clear about your next steps?

Have you published a book before, but don’t feel you received a good return on investment for all the time and money you spent on it?

Are you trying to figure out how social media can you help you promote your book?

Are you ready to tell your story so you can help transform the lives of others?

Then you’re in the right place! JBK Brand Design in partnership with MahoganyBooks is hosting an exclusive ONE-DAY “Write Your Book!” Masterclass. This class is for:

  • Aspiring authors who have a story they know they need to tell but need a process to follow

  • Individuals who have finished writing their book and want to take the guesswork out of next steps

  • Individuals who are tired of procrastinating about their book

  • Speakers who want to expand their brand platform through their book(s)

  • Purpose-driven entrepreneurs, speakers, and leaders who want to have a greater impact in the world

This is going to be a working MasterClass where you’ll start putting pen to paper. You’ll have the opportunity to interact with and ask questions of the instructors who are all experts in their fields. You’ll also leave with a working plan to get you to the finish line of finally completing your book!