Oct 12 | Conversation and Discussion about Early American Muslim Text

America's Islamic Heritage Museum is the principal project of Collections & Stories of American Muslims, Inc. - a Washington, DC, Ward 8 based, 501 c-3 a non-profit organization. CSAM was established in 1996, it is dedicated to preserving and fostering educational community engagement programs and opportunities that provide access to, and understanding of, the history of Muslim Americans. We have been in our current location since March 2011, and have served more than 52,500 visitors to the Museum.

CSAM’s mission is to preserve America’s Islamic legacy and contributions by collecting, archiving and displaying artifacts and information about America’s rich Islamic history, including the extensive history of African American Muslims.  Our mission with America's Islamic Heritage Museum is to provide cultural educational programming and museum services for the public in the United States and abroad. 

We provide high-quality arts & humanities cultural programs that highlight America’s rich Islamic history and diversity. Our programs help to promote understanding and appreciation of our shared history and common humanity particularly with DC's Ward 8 residents, using cultural enrichment programming and social service programs.