Nov 3 | The Tiniest Tempest @ Anacostia Playhouse


The Shakespeare for the Young puppet show, led by Annie Houston, will be performing at the

Anacostia Playhouse next on November 3.

Shows are free and are at 10:30 on Saturday mornings!

This theatrical company of puppeteers is dedicated to bringing Shakespeare to young children, ages 4 and up, through a fun and interactive experience.

Annie’s and her gang’s new show, The Tiniest Tempest, will be on stage so don’t miss it!

Based on Shakespeare’s The Tempest, four puppeteers bring the characters of Miranda and Prospero, Antonio and Alonso, and Caliban and Ariel to life with their story of hurt and love as well as revenge and forgiveness. The puppets are both large-bodied and shadow puppets with actors also playing the roles of Prospero and Antonio/Alonso.

All shows feature group activities after the performance with song, movement and interactive play.

No tickets or reservations are needed.