Jan 5 | No More Stop-and-Frisk: Panel & Workshop Campaign Launch @ AAC


In order to make this space as accessible as possible, the following will be provided:


• ASL interpretation
• Free childcare
• A hot & healthy dinner & snacks

SAVE THE DATE: join us for the official launch of our No More Stop & Frisk Campaign at the Anacostia Arts Center!

Come to this workshop to learn more about our campaign, find ways to plug in or tell your own story in a safe and healing space.

Stop-and-Frisk is an ineffective and racially-biased police tactic that almost exclusively targets Black and Brown communities. It has been proven that this tactic does not keep people safe and is rapidly becoming the most discredited policing practice in the United States.

Stop Police Terror Project DC, along with the ACLU-DC and Black Lives Matter DC, is currently in the process of suing to get the DC Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) to comply with the law that requires them to collect and report Stop-and-Frisk data. With the limited data that has been accessible, it shows that 83% of all Stops-and-Frisks were of Black residents, who make up less than 48% of DC’s total population.

The trauma that this has caused DC’s marginalized communities cannot be understated and there are years of stories that highlight abuse and brutality by the hands of the police, who routinely violate their civil rights. It’s time to stand up and say no more!

You can learn more about our campaign by visiting www.sptdc.com/nomorestopandfrisk!