Culinary Arts Training at the UPO Anacostia Community Service Center

Learn how to prepare, present, serve, and manage food — and get the skills to pass the certified food protection manager exam.

Learning a new skill is just the beginning! We’re here to help you gain confidence, apply yourself, and become the person you want to be.

We work hard to get you to work — whether it’s showing you how to apply for jobs, dress and prepare for an interview, or act professionally and respectfully once you’ve landed a job.

Every Workforce Institute student learn how to write a professional resume and cover letter, how to find a job that matches their interest and skills, and how to communicate effectively in the workplace. We even have relationships with local employers who call us looking for help!

And our counseling services don’t end on your first day at the new job. We want to make sure you and your new employer are happy, so we will check in with you regularly, make sure you have access to transportation and child care, and help you get another job if the first one doesn’t work out.