Anacostia BID Clean Team assists with National Mall Cleanup during Shutdown

Anacostia BID Clean Team powered by CareerPath

Anacostia BID Clean Team powered by CareerPath

In response to the shutdown of the federal government, The Anacostia BID in partnership with its Clean Team Career Path will assist with cleaning the National Mall on Saturday (Jan 5th), Sunday (Jan 6th) and Monday (Jan 7th). Authorized and funded by the DC Department of Local and Small Business Development (DLSBD) the Anacostia BID will provide a 13-person crew in four hour shifts. The areas to be cleaned will include 3rd Street NW to 17th Street NW, from Jefferson Drive SW  to Madison Drive NW  to include both sides of each street.

The Anacostia BID is proud to partner with CareerPath and DLSBD to keep the District clean and inviting during the government shutdown.

For questions or comments, please contact:

Kristina Noell, Executive Director
Anacostia Business Improvement District

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