2020 Creative Capital Award Application is Open Through February 28


Artists who receive the 2020 Creative Capital Award will have access to up to $50,000 in funding to develop their project, plus advisory services valued at $50,000, for a total value of $100,000. We are interested in projects that push the boundaries, as well as artists who are ready to take full advantage of our non-monetary services. Generally, that means that the projects will premiere at least a year and a half after the announcement of the Creative Capital Awards. Read more about the Creative Capital Award.

After the open application period closes at the end of February 2019, we will invite evaluators from all over the country to review the applications we received. We ask evaluators to review projects based on the originality of the proposed idea, the artist’s capacity to make the work, the timeliness of the project, and the artist’s readiness to make use of Creative Capital’s career development services.

In the final stage of the application, we administer an in-person panel review of projects that made it to the third round. We asked some of the panelists that just completed that process for the 2019 Creative Capital Award cycle for some tips about what makes a great application.